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What can a stairlift do for you or for a loved one?

Written by Stannah on 3 December, 2018

A stairlift does a lot more than give you back your freedom of movement. A Stannah stairlift gives ...

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What to Do if Stairs Have Become a Problem?

Written by Stannah on 30 November, 2018

Despite diverse backgrounds and varying income levels, seniors across the country, and around th...

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The Arthritis Suit Experience: Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes

Written by Stannah on 19 November, 2018

As a new member of Stannah’s International Content Team, getting the chance to visit company h...

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What is a Stairlift? 40 Years of Redefining Standards

Written by Stannah on 19 November, 2018

Stannah has been a proud, family-run business for 150 years. We have a strong commitment to prom...

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Book review

Allan Karlsson, 100 years old and still looking for adventure!

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Movie UP Revisited – An uplifting adventure

Oscar-winning movie UP revisited 8 years after release. A Perfect film for children and adults to enjoy together...

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Too tired to enjoy your twilight years?

Do you spend your day asking yourself “Why am I so tired?”...

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