Written by Stannah at 3 December, 2018

What can a stairlift do for you or for a loved one?

A stairlift does a lot more than give you back your freedom of movement.

A Stannah stairlift gives you back the independence you thought you’d lost. Just knowing you can get about in your own house in comfort and complete safety is a weight off your mind. And not just yours, your friends and family’s too. They can rest easy, safe in the knowledge you’re safe on your stairs.

Our stairlifts are carefully built by people who want to make your life better, to meet your wants and needs. Your stairlift moulds to fit you, so that you can feel your best getting around. It’s the little things that make a big difference to your comfort, and we spend time getting to know you and your needs before we even consider giving you advice about the perfect stairlift for you. Whether you’re feeling the effects of ageing, and painful joints are making your stairs an obstacle, or you have reduced mobility in your lower body, we can help you feel at home again.

Stairlifts: helping seniors all over the world

As we get older, we start to feel the effects of ageing. Our balance decreases and rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis could also have a negative impact on our lives. Before you know it, the stairs can become a real obstacle in your home. Using the stairs could be painful, dangerous and almost impossible.

Many people think that continuing to use the stairs will bring health benefits. While ‘keeping active’ is generally a good idea, straining to use the stairs can inflict lasting damage on your knee joints. With more use comes more damage. Insisting on taking the stairs could lead to accidents, falls and injuries.

Your home should not be dangerous. Going downstairs to make a cup of tea shouldn’t be stressful. Neither should going up to bed. Falling is a sign that your home is not as safe as it should be. You could seriously injure yourself, which could have a dramatic impact on your long-term plans to stay in the home you love.

Other benefits of stairlifts you may not have thought about

  • They give you peace of mind: 

You know you’re safe on your stairs and in your own home. That’ll give you an added boost of confidence and just knowing you’re independent will make you feel freer.

  • They give you your independence back: 

You can save the energy you used to use getting up the stairs on other things. Imagine what you could do with that energy.

  • They’re installed quickly and easily:

Stairlifts take less than a day to install, so you can have your whole house back in no time.

  • They’re cheaper and easier than moving to a new house and offer more comfort than relocating to the ground floor of your house:

 The cost or bother of buying and installing a stairlift might have put you off. You might think installing a stairlift will mean building work, mess and modifications to your home. The good news is, a stairlift is installed directly on your stairs. You don’t need planning permission or building work to get your independence back.

  • They don’t damage your house:

All our friendly technicians have to do is drill a few small holes in your stairs and your stairlift is installed. No permanent damage is done, and our technicians always clean up after themselves.

  • They’re very affordable and economical:

Running your stairlift costs less than running your kettle.

  • They’re flexible:

 No matter what your stairs are like, we can install a stairlift that is specifically made to fit them. Not only that, but we also analyse your personal needs, and recommend a chair that will suit them.


Join the over 750,000 people worldwide who have got their homes and lives back when they’ve bought a Stannah stairlift. Give us a call to see how a stairlift can make your life easier.