Written by Stannah at 24 September, 2018

Heavy duty stairlifts: stairlifts to meet all your physical needs

Does Stannah sell heavy duty stairlifts?

heavy duty stairlifts

The short answer is yes, Stannah does sell heavy duty stairlitfs.

Stannah stairlifts are made to fit you and meet all your needs. That’s why we have heavy duty stairlifts as part of our range. So that they can carry you safely up and down your stairs without you having to worry about reaching their maximum weight limit.

And even if you do reach that limit, we can assure you that your stairlift will still carry you up the stairs effortlessly. We have a wide range of products to meet all our customers’ needs, so whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure we can help.

What does a heavy duty stairlift look like?

When you think of a heavy duty stairlift, you may be picturing a robust-looking, bulky chair that takes up the width of your staircase.

When you buy a Stannah heavy-duty stairlift, that’s not the case. Our stairlifts have all been designed, first and foremost, to be safe. Their active and passive safety features make you as safe as you can be while you glide up the stairs. But they’ve also been designed to look good.

We’re manufacturers, but we’re also people. We know you want your stairlift to blend in to your home, so even our heavy duty stairlifts are made to match your tastes, and to look good in your home.

How? They’re customizable. You can choose the fabric and colour of the upholstery, and make sure your stairlift looks exactly the way you want it to look in your home.

As well as looking good, Stannah stairlifts are elegant. They fold away neatly when they’re not in use, so that they’re never in your way, and other people can use the stairs comfortably.

What is a Stannah heavy duty stairlift

What is a Stannah heavy duty stairlift?

There are two models of Stannah stairlifts with a higher weight capacity – the Starla and the Siena. Although all our stairlifts can comfortably carry up to 300lbs, the Starla and Siena straight models have a higher weight limit of 350lbs.

Our stairlifts are manufactured to hold 5 x their maximum weight limit – they could carry a fully grown polar bear, so you definitely won’t break it – but your safety is our priority so we set the weight limit to ensure your stairlift carries you upstairs and keeps working for decades, keeping you moving for longer.

If you want to find out more about our range of stairlifts, visit our product pages. Then, when you’re ready, give us a call. We’ll be able to answer all your questions and even schedule a stair survey. A specialist advisor will come to your house to find out about your needs and measure your stairs. They’ll be able to tell you exactly how we can meet your needs.